Common Causes & The Best Way To Get Rid Of Puffy Eye Bags Without Surgery

Common Causes & The Best Way To Get Rid Of Puffy Eye Bags Without Surgery No matter how much water we drink and even after getting our recommended 8 hours of sleep, some of us still wake up with bulging bags under our eyes.

No matter how much water we drink and even after getting our recommended 8 hours of sleep, some of us still wake up with bulging bags under our eyes. Unfortunately, we can’t always get rid of eye bags with a healthy lifestyle and diet since uncontrollable factors like genetics and ageing also play a part.

At Zoe Medical, we offer non-surgical procedures that help with all your cosmetic concerns, including eye bag removal. Whether it’s puffy eye bags or sagging skin under your eyes, we will help remove unsightly eye bags for a new, fresh-faced you. Read on to find out the common causes of eye bags and how you can now safely get rid of your eye bags!

What causes eye bags?

Since the skin around your eyes is extremely thin and fragile, it’s not surprising that there’s a range of factors that negatively affect your appearance. Some more common causes include a high-salt diet causing fluid retention, allergies, genetics, and medical conditions like thyroid disease. However, the most prominent reason for your puffy under-eye bags is the natural ageing process.

As we get older, we eventually lose collagen and elastin. This causes a loss of elasticity all around, thinning the skin at the area around our eyes—leading to fat collecting into a “bag” under our eyes. The skin around the eye also start to weaken, which is how sagging and loose skin come about.

Bulging Fats

This is when your under-eye bags look swollen or puffy. Since the tissues and muscles around our eyes weaken with age, the fat that normally supports our eyes will then drop into the lower eyelids. In more extreme cases, excess fluid will also collect here, resulting in even more swollen eye bags.

Sunken Depression

Having sunken eyes involves a hollowing under the eyes, which will make you look much more tired than you actually are! Although also genetic, sunken depression most often occurs due to ageing—when we lose collagen, and the skin around our eyes becomes more translucent. This might also sometimes be mistaken for dark circles under the eyes.

Loose Skin

The skin around our eyes is extremely fragile, and it’s common for sagging skin and wrinkles to appear as the years go by. This is due to a lack of collagen and elastin, which helps to keep your skin tight and taut.

Thick Muscle

Some people have eye bags due to thick muscle, not fat. Unlike the other three components, this doesn’t occur due to natural ageing and is most likely influenced by genetics. Known as muscle hypertrophy, it involves having excess muscle below your lower lash line. These under eye bulges might become more obvious when you smile.

Whether you’re dealing with one eye bag concern or even all four, with our 4D Eye Bag Removal procedure, we can easily solve your eye bag problems.

How do you get rid of eye bags?

While there are many home remedies to ease the swelling of eye bags out there, these are not lasting solutions to get rid of your under-eye concerns. You’ll read that many recommend cold compresses, drinking more water, and getting a good night’s sleep. But for those of us who’ve already tried it all and still have swollen eye bags, it’ll be smart to consider a more lasting fix.

Many turn towards cosmetic surgery of the lower eyelids—known as lower blepharoplasty—to help smoothen out and tighten your skin. There are also many wrinkle treatments and procedures that help reduce the puffiness of your under-eyes, including chemical peels, fillers, thread lifts and laser treatments such as Fotona.

One trusty option is the 4D Eye Bag Removal procedure at Zoe Medical.

How do you get rid of eye bags?

The 4D Eye Bag Removal procedure precisely removes eye bag bulges while also offering a collagen-stimulating effect. It’s non-surgical, so there’ll be NO cutting whatsoever. It is effective for mild to severe eye bags, meaning no need for surgery and other invasive procedures.

Local anaesthetic will be used to numb the eye bag area before using a combination of high intensity focused ultrasound guided energy and fibre-optics laser technology to melt under-eye fats. As we only target the eye bag area, rest assured that other surrounding structures will be untouched, and we are only targeting muscle, fat, and skin.

In some cases, for sunken depression and wrinkles, we can also volumise the area by using hyaluronic acid fillers or fat grafting with autologous fat.

Why should 4D Eye Bag Removal be your first choice?

At Zoe Medical, we pride ourselves on combining technology and modern medical devices to garner excellent results. Our 4D Beauty approach means that we will be treating your concerns by combining modern technology and traditional surgical concepts. In the case of 4D Eye Bag Removal, we address the 4 main components surrounding your eye bag concerns. This includes Bulging Fats, Sunken Depression, Loose Skin, and Thick Muscle.

There are no cuts or incisions made during the procedure and a short recovery time of 2 to 3 days. In comparison, to traditional surgical procedure takes approximately at least 2 weeks to recover. The entire procedure is pain-free before, during, and after, with no regular maintenance required. You’ll also notice visible results after the procedure, with your under-eye area having noticeably tighter and smoother skin.

Removing Eye Bags At Zoe Medical

The first step to removing your eye bags is by heading down to Zoe Medical for a personal consultation to find out more about 4D Eye Bag Removal. Puffy eye bags, sunken eyes, loose skin, or even thick muscle—our experienced staff will advise you on how this procedure is suitable for your individual concerns.

With our use of the technology and medical devices, we can offer you results that are comparable to those of cosmetic surgery. It’s all the more amazing since the 4D Eye Bag Removal procedure is both effective and convenient with minimal downtime, no pain, and no need for regular maintenance.

For those who also want to get rid of their dark eye circles, Zoe Medical can help you by using a combination of Rejuran i skin treatment, topical under eye cream and laser treatments for an effective, holistic remedy.

Rejuran i is packed with anti-inflammatory and tissue-repairing agents to help boost collagen and elasticity, perfect for improving the complexion and texture of dark eye circles.


Our experienced team will constantly put your needs and concerns at the forefront, and you can expect a fully personalised consultation and treatment from us. As every individual have different severity or corcerns, feel free to reach out to us for an assessment or consultation. 

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