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A non-invasive and FDA-approved treatment, the MiraDry system uses thermal energy which targets and eliminate sweat and odour glands, and hair follicle found in your underarm. This is a permanent procedure which ensures glands are destroyed immediately.

MiraDry eliminates sweat glands through controlled microwave energy delivered at the exact level of eccrine (sweat glands) released from your underarms. During the procedure, a special cooling system will be switched on to protect your overlying skin and the patient will undergo local anaesthetic to ensure a pain-free process.

Sweat glands will be eliminated in an hour post-treatment and the procedure will be repeated three months later. Once the procedures are completed, the patient’s sweat glands will be gone immediately.

Treatment Procedure

Benefits of Miradry

Use caution before undergoing the MiraDry procedure under the following conditions, the effects of which have not been studied:

Safety Information

The MiraDry procedure is not suitable for you if you have or need the following:

Use caution before undergoing the MiraDry procedure under the following conditions, the
effects of which have not been studied:

Common & Rare Side Effects

The following effects can occur during or after the procedure. In most cases, these side
effects will gradually go away and in rare cases, it can last several months.

During Procedure:

Due to the injection of anaesthesia, patients may experience slight swelling, bruising, and numbness and tingling sensation in the arm; which will last up to 24 hours.

After Procedure:

Patients will experience swelling, redness, temporary altered sensation, tingling soreness, lethargy, tight banding, slight pain, and bumps under the skin, within the treated area and the upper arm. Discomfort, tenderness and pain within the underarm can be treated with non-prescribed medications, such as Ibuprofen. In rare instances, prescribed medication may be needed.

Rare Side Effects:

Hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin), burning sensation, skin infections, such as rashes and altered swelling in other areas of the body may occur.


Patients will see an immediate sweat reduction post-treatment. However, results will vary from person to person. A minimum of two or more procedures is required for optimal results. Results will last as sweat glands will not come back or regenerate upon elimination.

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