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Rejuran Healer – the latest revolutionary skin healing treatment formulated to improve ageing skin and stimulate collagen works by re-activating the skin’s healing ability and restores its collagen structure while improving skin elasticity.

Popularly known as 婴儿针, Rejuran Healer consists of Polynucleotides (PN) which can be found in salmon DNA along with anti-inflammatory and tissue-repair stimulating agents for long-lasting skin healing and collagen stimulation.

How Does Rejuran Healer Work?

When delivered into the dermis, Rejuran Healer triggers cell renewal and improves the condition of aged and damaged skin through physicochemical and biological properties. Key ingredient DNA polymers provide a three-dimensional scaffolding structure for elastin and collagen growth.

Advantages of Rejuran Healer

Causes of Skin Aging

Various stimuli cause skin deterioration as we age, such as loss of skin fat, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, decrease in collagen and elastin production, thinning of the dermal layer and decrease of skin elasticity. Skin ageing affects both men and women from the age of 30 onwards and Rejuran counters it by healing the skin from the inside out.


Who is suitable for this treatment?

Post-Treatment Expectations

Rejuran is proven to be safe and biocompatible with your body. Therefore, after one month of treatment, over 14% of patients have reported an improvement in skin hydration, and over 21% of patients have reported in skin elasticity. Additionally, one can expect to see gradual improvements with the final results peaking from four to six weeks.

After 2-5 Days:

Patients will notice smoother skin texture, clearer complexion, and better oil balance and reduced sebum production.

After 2-4 Weeks:

The skin’s elasticity will be increased through self-collagen regeneration. Patients will notice an improvement in the overall appearance of the eyes and face and pore reduction.

After 4-6 Weeks:

Overall skin condition will be improved, and skin will look noticeably healthier, brighter and firmer.

Possible Treatment Areas

How soon will you see the results?

As the skin condition of many differs, patients will be able to see the effects after one to three treatments. For optimal results, it is recommended to undergo three sessions at an interval of three weeks.



Occasionally, some patients may experience redness and slight swelling in treated areas which will last for up to 24 hours, more often than not, there is little to no downtime for the upon completion of the treatment.

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