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Eyebags Treatment, Reviews and Costs in Singapore

* 3 months old baby boy with visible eyebags. 

Eyebags are puffy collections associated with loose skin that appear below the eyes area. They usually come about with age, although there are individuals who genetically have them from very young.


* 33 years old male with eyebags make him look older.

Eyebags make a person appear tired and sleep-deprived, even when they are not. Eyebags also make a person look older than they are. This is where eyebags removal comes in. 

Eyebags removal treatment can reduce puffiness under the eyes, tighten loose skin, and fill in sunken areas. This can make the face appear younger. 

Eyebags Anatomy: under eyebags causes

* Eyebags Anatomy.

Below each eye are three pillows of fatty tissue that support and cushion the eyeball within its bony socket. A collagen wall holds these infraorbital fat pads in place. Also known as the orbital septum.

Age, plus the effects of gravity, cause this wall to weaken. Allowing the fat pads to bulge forward and hang over the bony margin below the eye. This will lead to the formation of a tear trough groove. These bulging fat pads can also pull-down excess skin, leading to appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Our doctors call this condition pseudoherniation of the infraorbital fat. You know it as the “eyebags”.

How to remove eyebags: treatment options?

Plastic surgery has long been the gold standard for eyebags removal. Lower eyelid surgery, also called lower blepharoplasty, involves making a small cut below the eyelashes. This process removes or repositions extra fat and any excess skin. The doctor then closes the incision with fine stitches, typically removing them 5-7 days later. 

* How eyebag surgery is performed

With modern day advancements in injectable treatments, doctors have begun to offer quick fix alternatives. This involves using botulinum toxin and fillers to camouflage the appearance of eyebags. Eyebags patients unprepared to go under the knife or unwilling to have weeks-to-months of post-surgery recovery time (bruising, swelling, scars) or complications (ectropion), have jumped at the chance to try these injectable alternatives. 

As a result of the undereye filler craze, a new set of complications then developed: the Tyndall Effect. This is a bluish hue that is visible within the undereye skin. It is caused by the reflection of light from fillers that have been placed too superficially or excessive in volume.  Bulging pillows of hyaluronic acid filler injections can also appear unsightly than the original eyebags. 

* Tyndall effect seen after under eye filler.

Another non-surgical eyebag removal trend is to use radiofrequency needles inserted through the skin to melt undereye fat. This procedure is associated with pain, great swelling, and terrific bruising. Its claims to be an effective and permanent alternative to lower blepharoplasty is also greatly questionable. 

* Bruising after radiofrequency micro needling.

Thankfully, 4D technology has provided a long-term alternative to plastic surgery. The 4-Dimensional Eyebag removal makes eyebags disappear. This is by decompressing the excess fat with ultrasound/radio frequency energy and strengthening the collagen orbital septal wall with biostimulation.

This treatment effectively reduces puffy eyebags, leaving the under-eyes and mid-face looking smooth and rejuvenated. This alternative to plastic surgery also prevents recurrent pseudoherniation or bulging of the eyebags from occurring again. 

4D Technology can effectively treat even the most severe eyebags with excellent long-term results. 

4D Eyebag Removal is also a procedure for patients who are unhappy with results of previous plastic surgery or unsuccessful eyebags treatment.

Safety concerns addressed

Almost all treatments carry some form of risk. Lower blepharoplasty surgery can cause weakening of the lower eyelid, leading to a droopy appearance and dry eyes.

* Right droopy lower eyelids after eyebag surgery.

Until recently, people thought fillers were 100% safe with almost no downtime. But people worldwide have reported cases of blindness as a result of these injections. Radiofrequency needling has very few associated problems. Other than lengthy recovery times and being only able to effectively treat extremely mild eye bags. 

The 4D Eyebag Removal seems to be able to combine the best of both worlds in terms of long-term results and a relatively quick recovery period. Health risks and safety issues are generally non-existent. 4D Eyebag Removal recovery sometimes does involve some mild swelling and occasional bruising. The duration of patient recovery times greatly varies and can range between 1 day to 2 weeks. 



Do not take birth control pills, hormones, vitamin E, or aspirin/clodiprogel for 1 week before surgery.

Medical History

If you are under treatment for high blood pressure, diabetes, or thyroid, please do not stop all your regular medications.

If you have a severe cold or have abnormal airways and respiratory tract on the day of surgery, please inform us in advance.


Refrain from eating and drinking, including water, 6 hours before treatment.

Smoking and Drinking

Please refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol for 3 days before treatment.


Bring comfortable clothes and avoid wearing jewellery.


On the day of surgery, please remove contact lenses, nail polish, and makeup in advance.

You are not allowed to drive after receiving 4D treatment.

How long do 4D results last?

Patients who have had the 4D Eyebag Removal procedure usually do not need any further treatments or surgery. This has been the case even after 15 years of follow-up. The 4D Eyebag Removal provides a long-term and effective alternative to eye bag Plastic Surgery. 

Which is better? 4D or Plastic Surgery?

For patients who are unprepared for the risks of Plastic Surgery, the 4D Eyebag is an excellent alternative. Eyebags surgery is a superior option when the main concern is excessive loose skin in the undereye area. The 4D Eyebag Removal is our preferred choice of procedure when patients seek a significant long-term non-surgical one-time solution for puffy eyebags, sunken tear trough grooves and mild to moderate skin laxity. Risk-benefit ratio is significantly higher with the 4D Eyebag approach to eyebag removal.

* Puffy eyebags even after 3 previous eyebag surgeries.

How much do eyebag treatments cost?

The Ministry of Health (Singapore) lists the typical total cost of blepharoplasty (Cosmetic Surgery), inclusive of operating theatre fees, carried out in the private sector, as $8,721. Eyebag Plastic Surgery usually carries long lasting results and usually does not need repeat visits for results to be seen.

Injectable non-surgical alternatives such as Restylane and Juvederm Fillers in Singapore are between $600-$1000 per syringe. Semi-permanent fillers like Radiesse or Ellanse range from $900-$2000+ per syringe. The number of syringes required for eyebag treatment depends on the severity of volume loss, ageing or sagging and also the desired aesthetic result of the patient. Fillers usually last between 6-18 months, at which point, repeat treatment can be repeated if the outcome was deemed to be satisfactory.

Radiofrequency needle (Agnes/Scarlet) eyebag reduction usually costs $1200-$1800 per session, and 3 treatments are usually recommended by doctors offering this service. It is usual that results are seen only after the third session of treatment. This procedure needs to be repeated several years later if the outcome was deemed to be satisfactory.

The 4D Eyebag Removal is a one-time non-surgical treatment with costs starting at $2500. Prices do go up when 4D Eyebag Removal is combined with a permanent lift of the sunken tear trough groove, or a long-lasting mid-face lift.

Why Zoe Medical for your eyebag removal?

We have a special interest in all eyebag solutions, both surgical and non-surgical. Our team of Oculoplastic and Facial Plastic Surgeons offer all types of eyebag surgery for patients who choose to go under the knife.

For those who are encouraged by the REAL reviews of >500 patients, our Aesthetic Doctor has been carrying out the 4D Non-Surgical Eyebag Removal for 20 years. He treats all types of eyebags, including complex cases of previous surgery with dissatisfactory results. Whenever necessary, all the doctors work together as a team for your best possible results.

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