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The Ultraformer III is a non-invasive ultrasound device that lifts and tightens the face. The treatment offers a youthful complexion and tightens the body for slimmer contours. The HIFU-powered transducers are designed for remodelling collagen to remove facial wrinkles, lift sagging skin and tighten body tissues to improve your overall appearance!

How does it work?

Delivering concentrated waves of ultrasound into multiple layers of skin and body tissues without making direct contact with its surrounding areas, the HIFU-powered transducers also transfers stabilised temperatures of 65 – 75°C into the targeted zones. It aims to induce a process of neo-collagenesis in the face while tightening body issues for contouring purposes.

What is Neo-Collagensis

Referring to the collagen renewal in the face triggered by HIFU, it involves heating the dermal and Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) layers. It then undergoes separate phases of blood coagulation, would contractions, and tighter shelving of new collagen to resolve the appearance of wrinkles and lifts sagging skin.

What does it do?


The Ultraformer III delivers ultrasound energy, akin to utilising sunlight and reflecting it through a magnifying glass to deliver a beam, into the targeted zone of the skin for stimulation and to formulate collagen regeneration. As such, a precision of a high density of power will trigger neo-collagenesis naturally within the body.

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As stubborn fat cells are difficult to burn off despite going through strenuous exercises and extensive weight loss regimens, the Ultraformer III treatment provides both a non-invasive and innovation solution without causing side effects or damage to the skin.

The treatment also consists of customisable cartridges for shallow layers of the face and décolleté to lift sagging skin, provide collagen renewal and reduce wrinkles. Additionally, macro focused transducers with larger density and deeper penetration of HIFU targets the body’ subcutaneous layers at three different depths to slim contours and remove stubborn fats.

Lifts & Tightens

Multiple cartridges are customized for shallow layers of the face and décolleté to address saggingskin, collagen renewal, and absolute wrinkle reduction.

Tightens & Contours

Macro focused transducers with a larger density and deeper penetration of HIFU target the body’s subcutaneous layers at 3 different depths to slim contours and remove stubborn fat.

What to expect post treatment?

Post-treatment is a breeze as there is little to no downtime. Noticeably positive changes can be seen immediately following the procedure, which will be gradually enhanced over four to 12 weeks depending on the treated area. Some patients may also experience slight redness and swelling on the treated areas, which will last between a few hours to days in addition to temporary bruising and numbness.


Patients can benefit from the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles or the removal of stubborn fats in a customizable procedure without any downtime, ensuring maximum convenience and comfort, followed by immediate and impressive results.

Cartridges applied to the skin disrupt and kill a targeted layer of fat cells, which are then transferred through the body’s lymphatic system to the liver. As scary as it may sound, it goes through safe and natural disposal through the body’s metabolism, somewhat similar to the process of daily food consumption.

The treatment is comfortable as cartridge applicators are designed to accommodate various skin profiles. As such, practitioners and patients who have previously engaged in treatments similar to the Ultraformer III have reported feeling minimal pain on targeted zones of both the face and body.

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