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Fractora™ is an FDA approved advanced fractional radiofrequency (FRF) treatment that provides effective anti-ageing and cosmetic benefits for the skin.™

Fractora delivers radio-frequency (RF) energy to the skin through an array of pins to produce the effects of skin resurfacing and the promotion of collagen regeneration. Resulting in skin revitalisation, and making one’s skin smoother, brighter and firmer. Additionally, it also improves pores, scars and pigmentation.

The unique system within Fractora treats both the outer and deeper layers of the skin, enabling more significant results than milder treatments, such as the Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL). Fractora also has a lesser downtime as compared to other treatments like the traditional co2 resurfacing.

What are the benfits of Fractora™?

Treatment Areas

Fractora is equipped with different treatment tops and tuneable power, hence treatments are customisable for various skin conditions, and face and body parts. Areas that are commonly treated include:

How many treatments will you need?

Many patients are usually able to see improvements after the first treatment, although several sessions may be required for optimal results.

For more information about Fractora™, please enquire here.

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