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What Are Exosomes

Exosomes contain genetic material, proteins, lipids – and are found abundantly in our body fluids. The major role exosomes play in our body is to act as small (but powerful) carriers or “messengers” of information that can travel to other cells and deliver the information.

Exosomes possess a phospholipid bilayer that, upon penetration into our skin, seamlessly fuse with our own cells and instructs our skin cells to repair and regenerate; to essentially “wake up”. Exosomes carry different “messages” and can instruct cells to produce more collagen and elastin, regulate pigmentation production (which results in more refined, pore-less, smooth skin) or promote hair growth, regulating shedding and increasing the thickness of the hair shaft.

Stem cells and exosomes: are they the same?

Compared to stem cells, exosomes cannot self-replicate and therefore are non-immunogenic, non-infusion toxic, easier to access, better to preserve and transport. For these reasons, they are seen as a safer, simpler and more cost-effective alternative to stem cells. Exosomes are stable enough for long term frozen storage and can be stored at room temperatures after lyophilization.

As we mentioned, Exosomes are small molecules produced by stem cells in the surrounding environment, so they contain proteins, fats, and amino acids that are very beneficial for hair scalp cells and hair follicles. Additionally, our exosomes are also formulated with vitamins high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and amino acids to boost scalp health.


Both male and female patients suffering from hair loss and scalp problems can benefit from our Exosomes Hair Treatments.

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