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Tixel is a unique skin resurfacing device that restores smoother, tighter skin. The results of Tixel are often compared to those of a fractional CO2 laser, but with less downtime and safer for ALL parts of the face. Tixel effectively treats many skin concerns, including lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and pigmentation problems. Tixel uses a small metal plate with tiny titanium cones that deliver brief bursts of heat to your skin, triggering a healing, collagen-generating response.

How Does Tixel Skin Resurfacing Work?

Aging, environmental exposures, and acne can leave their mark on your skin. Tixel at Zoe Medical rejuvenates your skin as effectively as a laser but with added benefits. This revolutionary system triggers your body’s healing responses to restore smooth, youthful skin, even in delicate areas around the eyes. See laser-like effects without the laser recovery time with Tixel.

What Can Tixel Skin Resurfacing Treat?

Tixel excels at tightening and rejuvenating skin, even in areas around the eyes where lasers cannot be used. It can also be used all over the body, including the hands, neck, and chest. At Zoe Medical we use Tixel to treat:

Tixel continues to grow in popularity due to its laser-like effects with less discomfort or recovery time. We recommend it for many individuals seeking powerful skin resurfacing results. Tixel is especially recommended for the eye area, a spot difficult to treat safely with a laser.

Why would you choose Tixel ?

What Conditions Can Tixel Treat?

How Long Is The Downtime?

This treatment does not perforate the tissue and should not cause any bleeding. However, the skin is exposed to the high temperature induced by the TMA technology during the treatment. You may experience mild erythema and heat sensation for several hours. Depending on the function, the treatment may cause the skin to be red and tender for up to 5 days.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

You should be able to see some improvement in fine lines and overall skin tone and texture after 1 session. However, we usually recommend patients to undergo at least 4 to 6 sessions, 1 month apart, to see visible improvement in your skin condition.


Who Is A Suitable Candidate For Tixel?

Tixel can be applied on all skin types, including people with dark skin tone and children. However, we don’t recommend people with skin diseases, infections or pregnant/ breastfeeding women to undergo this treatment.

Tixel for dry eyes and wrinkles

A non-laser treatment technology that transfers thermal energy to the skin around the eyes

Periorbital Tixel treatments are great for treating dry eyes and sagging eyelids. Tixel tightens skin, which helps create a more youthful appearance.

Why would you choose Tixel for eyes?

Works for fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes too.

How does it work?

By Thermo-Mechanical Ablation TMA® – a non-laser treatment technology that transfers thermal energy to the skin around the eyes

Tixel is used for:

  • Styes and Chalazions


By liquefying the oil discharge from meibomian glands and unblocking the blocked pore. Our children and adult patients are happy as it means thatsurgery is not needed.

  • Dry eyes due to marginal gland disease

How often is treatment?

Treatment takes about 2 minutes for both eyes and consists of three treatments spaced 2 weeks apart. Eye protection is not required because the device does not emit radiation. Analgesic cream can be applied if the patient desires, but it is not necessary in most cases. No side effects have been reported other than mild erythema and edema, which disappeared within 2 days.

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